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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Kristen McCluskie

   Hansgrohe a creative nest

When Hansgrohe built their unique water studio in Clerkenwell, they wanted to celebrate the natural wonder of water and create a space for education and collaboration. Tatjana Fairhurst, Interior Designer at design agency I-AM used a BAUX design in the meeting room to contrast the open studio feel of the main space. The natural qualities of the wood wool acoustic panels fitted perfectly with Hansgrohe’s commitment to sustainability and the colour combinations gave graphic expression to their vision.

Studio spaces are awesome but the nature of open spaces often means high levels of background noise and sound reflections – especially when you have a lot of glass and other hard surfaces. The client wanted to create a sanctuary – a nest for relaxed conversation. The result was impressive. The BAUX wood wool acoustic panels in the meeting room absorbed sound to create a calm oasis, perfect for discussion. Aqua blues and greens were chosen to give the impression of water and the organic textures of the wood wool tiles gave the room the feeling of a creative nest. The result was a happy client and a quiet, comfortable space to talk and work in.

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Object: Hansgrohe Clerkenwell
Area: London, United Kingdom
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Architect: I-AM
Designer: Tatjana Fairhurst

Something Unique
Hansgrohe wanted to celebrate the natural wonder of water and a space of education and collaboration. This was achieved using wood wool acoustic panels.

A calm oasis, perfect for conversation
The client wanted to create a sanctuary – a nest for relaxed conversation for client meeting and a place for contemplation.

Colourful Meetings
BAUX designs can be built around a number of geometric shapes, colours and tile sizes offering unlimited possibilities for creative expression.

We wanted to create a background that allowed products and conversations to come to the forefront. BAUX fitted well with that strategy. The tiles are so versatile; they allowed us to put our stamp on the space. The meeting room is calm, geared around conversation and the texture of the design contrasts the chrome, glass, angular space outside.

Tatjana Fairhurst, Interior Designer

BAUX Products used in the Hansgrohe project

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