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Acoustic design to reduce noise using BAUX Panels and Tiles in this Helsinki office

Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Sampsa Pärnänen

OPUS — Colours and composite shapes mean unique designs

Commissioned to design the reception areas for the newly renovated OPUS Business Park in Helsinki, interior designers Niina Sihto and Emma Keränen converted an empty, grey tiled space into a warm, welcoming reception hall using colorful acoustic tiles. They eliminated sound reflections from tiled floors and huge glass windows by installing a number of BAUX designs. The texture of the wood-wool tiles contrasted the hard surfaces and helped to soften the space.

The colours have also had a huge impact. The client wanted a warm feeling on entering the building, so Nina and Emma chose soft reds that complemented the client’s brand identity. The inspiration for the designs came from our BAUX design tool and inspiration images on the BAUX website. The construction process was quick and simple. Tiles were glued to the walls and the space was transformed when the designs were in place.

Object: Opus Business Park
Area: Helsinki, Finland
Products used: Acoustic Tiles
Acoustic Panels
Architect: FYR4
Designer: Niina Sihto & Emma Keränen

A welcome feeling
Wood-wool tiles contrast cold glass windows and tiled surfaces to give a welcome feeling in the reception areas.

Create A Unique Space
Using the BAUX design tool you can combine shapes and tile sizes to create a unique space.

Colourful Meetings
BAUX designs can be built around a number of geometric shapes, colours and tile sizes offering unlimited possibilities for creative expression.

The tiles are perfect for office or public spaces. The geometric shapes and colours combine so well together and the whole system is very easy to design and build. It creates a feeling that can be adapted to create a unique environment for the client. And I love that BAUX is a sustainable product made from organic materials.

Emma Keränen, Interior Designer


BAUX Products used in the OPUS Business Park project

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