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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Gatis Rozenfelds

   SANDS Welcome home to sands

SANDS are one of Norway’s biggest law firms, with over 140 lawyers working from five locations in Norway. Scenario Interior Architects was commissioned to renovate their Oslo office in the downtown Vika district, where a derelict art institute was being joined with an adjacent building to create one central office space. SANDS wanted to create a relaxed, welcoming environment that also was an acoustic office space; Interior Architects Trine V. Roald and Nichlas Hvesser pick up the story:

”We used BAUX designs as a transition between the two buildings. We had been thinking about the interesting textural variation and beauty of burnt wood and black BAUX wood wool tiles were a great match. They also gave us the extra benefits of better acoustics and fire retardation.”

The design team used BAUX own toolkit with 3D CAD files to create designs for five walls on seven floors, all of them in exquisite black wood wool, offering a subtle contrast to smooth wood and glass office surfaces. Each wood wool panel is a unique mix of BAUX panel shapes, randomly created from a wide range of tiles to communicate creativity. Together the Panels have built the biggest BAUX wall and maybe even the biggest acoustic office space in Norway!

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Object: SANDS
Area: Oslo, Norway
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Architect: Scenario Interior Architects
Designer: Trine V. Roald and Nichlas Hvesser

Textural variations
Create interesting textural variation by combining BAUX acoustic wood wool and other environmentally friendly materials.


Professional and friendly
Black BAUX acoustic panels give the space a sophisticated look. The color is said to boost confidence and made a suitable material to transition between the buildings in the project.


Good acoustics make a difference and boosts concentration! The client has already started implementing BAUX in their other offices.

The client was very pleased with the results and we’re now using BAUX designs in all their office spaces. Aside from the functional benefits of better acoustics, the BAUX designs are a piece of art in themselves.

Trine V. Roald and Nichlas Hvesser, Interior Architects


BAUX Products used in the Sands Oslo project

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