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The long-awaited hardcopy of The Book of Acoustics has finally arrived and is now available to purchase for all our friends internationally. This practical and beautifully bound hardcopy of this book will not only look great on your shelf, it will hopefully assist and make you and your team more confident about working with acoustic environments in the future.

*We recommend international buyers outside of Scandinavia to buy through Amazon. If you have any questions or unable to order – Let us know!

  • A practical handbook full of facts, guidance and rules for architectural acoustics

  • Acoustic design was at the same stage that lighting was a decade ago, when engineers and psychologists focused on how varying light affects our mood and behaviour

    Financial Times Lucy Watson
  • Had a look at the pdf before buying. Informative and hands-on.

    Lars Principal Architect
  • Good practical advice and a nice looking book. Will use it in my work. Thanks!

    Mica Slovonic Interior design consultant

A labour of love

At the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2020, we first revealed The Book of Acoustics. The (BoA) was something we had as an idea for a long time. A book that provides guidance for architects, interior designers and entrepreneurs on acoustics and functions as a source of knowledge and inspiration regarding noise; an area we thought was relatively unexplored. We thought that knowledge was lacking and we wanted to do something about this.

The book gained a lot of interest and within a couple of days, our first print of this book ran out of stock. Now, finally, we can offer you this book as a hardcopy.

What we did

Through interviews with psychologists, neuroscientists, acousticians, and designers, the book covers everything from the history of acoustics, how sound occurs and is controlled, to how acoustic design can increase creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

We wanted the knowledge that we provided was hands-on and aimed toward interior architecture and architecture. That you’ll learn the fundamentals of sound control and everything you need to know to start feeling more confident working with acoustic treatments in your design projects.


Accessible for everyone

We want knowledge to be accessible to everyone. We hope to spread knowledge about how sound and noise affect our senses, our bodies and ultimately our wellbeing. That is why The Book of Acoustics is still free to read online and downloadable as a PDF.

If you enjoy the book or need a physical copy for your day to day operations as a working professional, the book is now available for purchase!

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  • In the future, acoustics will become even more important because people are becoming more and more aware of how it affects wellbeing.

    Tine Wagenmann: founder of Studio Llots, an architecture and interior design agency based in Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • Acoustical design is about material quality and material position. Treatment should be selected first for the acoustics, and second for the aesthetics.

    Dr Naglaa Sami Adbel Aziz Mahmoud Head of Interior Design at Ajman University, in the United Arab Emirates.