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Monmouth Coffee Company was founded by Anita Le Roy in 1978. In the forty-plus years since then, the firm has grown slowly into a serious contender; sourcing, roasting and retailing coffee from sustainable growers and making their mark on the coffee scene. In 2017 they moved their headquarters to Spa Terminus, a converted series of railway arches in Bermondsey, London.

Architects Sheppard Robson were enlisted to help fit out the new space. Their interiors department, the award-winning ID:SR group, set about turning the venue into a roastery, shop and office.

Making the best out of a unique location

One challenge with this unique location was the acoustic nightmare created by the arches’ large, rounded surfaces. Hard floors and walls allow sound to reverberate, creating echoes and causing distraction and annoyance to occupants. Arches such as those at Spa Terminus also have specific acoustic qualities: sound waves are reflected from one side to the other, moving more slowly and causing a more pronounced echo effect (to test this, try shouting in an underpass).

Object: Monmouth Coffee Company
Area: London, UK
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Architect: Sheppard Robson
Project lead: Helen Berresford

Creating a sustainable workspace

To counteract these acoustic problems, ID:SR turned to BAUX. A large number of BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool Panels were installed across the walls of the venue, as well as in the office’s meeting rooms. The Diagonal pattern was selected in natural tones, lending a light and clean feel to the interior.

Challenge of an open-plan workspace

Research indicates that the single biggest and most common distraction in the workplace is noise. By implementing BAUX acoustic solutions, employee wellbeing and productivity is maximised, with distraction kept to a minimum. To learn more about BAUX acoustic products, consult your local representative or send us an email at [email protected].

We love the benefits of the BAUX panels not only in the large office space but also in our smaller meeting rooms which were pretty much impossible to work in without them. The BAUX panels have added visual warmth to the office as well as correcting the acoustic problems of the site.

Anita Le Roy, Founder of Monmouth Coffee Company.


BAUX Products used in the Monmouth Company case

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