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Text: Matt Carrey | Photo: Courtesy of Zinc


When SpareBank1 and DNB combined to establish a new insurance brand, Fremtind, they wanted a building that was forward thinking and innovative. Sustainability was a crucial part of this vision. In close collaboration with Scandinavian Design Group, who were responsible for developing the new brand, interior architects at Zinc created the physical representation: a sustainable, future proofed, solution using BAUX products.

Interior versatility

Fremtind’s interior concept is: insurance for life and interior architect Therese Haaland Jonassen explained that each floor in the building represents a different phase in life. The entrance is designed to allow workers to have quick spontaneous meetings with clients, without having to sign them into the building. The canteen on the second floor is a vibrant hub for multi-function interaction and the top floor, with views over Oslo, is a creative space for conversation, contemplation and reflection.

Object: Fremtind
Area: Oslo, Norway
Products used: Acoustic Tiles, Acoustic Pulp
Architect: Zinc Arkitekter
Lead Design: Therese Haaland Jonassen

A unique visual identity

Throughout the building, BAUX products have been used to create optimal acoustics and a unique visual identity for each floor of the building. In some spaces, colourful BAUX designs radiate creative energy whilst in others, muted murals create a subtle backdrop for focused conversation. In walk through passages, spotlights have been placed as eye catching intersections between BAUX tiles. Aesthetically the building is modern, welcoming and professional.

We love BAUX products because they offer our clients function, aesthetic and sustainability. The textures are beautiful and when combined with colours they make sophisticated patterns and BAUX helped to create a new work experience.

Therese Haaland Jonassen, architect.

Core sustainability

As building a sustainable workplace was a crucial part of Fremtind’s values and vision, Zinc’s interior architects chose to use BAUX Acoustic Pulp, our most sustainable product to date, with beguiling effect. The natural textures and tones blend seamlessly with the building to create a modern functional space with hints of natural beauty. Pulp’s 100% bio-based, biodegradable footprint fits perfectly with Fremtind’s vision of lifelong sustainability.

Conscious design – for humans and nature

As part of the renovation of the existing building, Fremtind adopted a new activity based method of working. Throughout the building there are many open areas, which makes work easy and transparent. In these types of open spaces however, clusters of conversation can create background noise, which can easily distract workers. To reduce sound reflections, BAUX Pulp has been used extensively in common areas and meeting spaces. As well as being 100% sustainable, BAUX Pulp effectively absorbs sound reflections in the human voice spectrum, to create a beautifully harmonious workspace.

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BAUX Products used in the Fremtind case

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