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Text: Matt Carey | Photo by: Mattias Hamren


How do you reimagine school as a modern meaningful space that inspires learners to interact and work creatively? Skapaskolan’s founder, Christer Holger, has spent the last seven years learning just how it’s done. Christer’s key insight is that the building and internal spaces are as just important as the people within it.

School – reimagined 

Christer started Skapaskolan in 2013, and after several years renting buildings in Stockholm, he began to define his vision of a space where innovation, creativity and self-reflection happen intuitively. The space that he wanted to create a revolution or even an evolution. The space he imagined was where students had the courage to follow their dreams.

One of Christers key insights was that when students are active they create noise. And the way we structure education and learning today, learners are more interactive with each other than ever.

Object: Skapaskolan
Area: Huddinge, Sweden
Products used: Acoustic Panels, 3d Pixel
Architect: Christer Holger

A new mindset

Applying the prototype mindset, Christer talked to teachers about their experiences in the classroom. He quickly discovered that space is a critical aspect of the way we learn. Through these discussions, Christer realised Skapaskolan needed flexible, creative, and most importantly, quiet spaces, to fill with innovation and ideas.

Creative learning

As you walk into Skapaskolan, a tiled BAUX artwork is nestled at the top of the central wooden staircase, which has integrated seating for students to meet and work. Classrooms, with glass fronted walls give glimpses of creative interaction, and a studio, with soft pink BAUX wall tiles, buzzes with ideas. All around students are active and engaged. For this to work, Skapaskolan needed excellent acoustics.

Integrated acoustics 

With subtle use of colour and outstanding acoustic properties, BAUX products are future proofing Skapaskolan’s classrooms and creative spaces with sustainable acoustic design. BAUX designs are featured in small pods for groups to meet in, window niches, loft spaces and caves – spaces within a space, designed to spark ideas and encourage learner interaction. As sustainability is a big part of the Skapaskolan philosophy, Skapaskolan have incorporated BAUX Acoustic Pulp, our 100% bio-based product, throughout their passive, solar powered building.

Creating the right kinds of spaces for interaction is very important for us. Creativity happens when everything is available and you can quickly meet and discuss ideas. But all this interaction creates noise. Traditional classrooms are often one open space filled with hard surfaces, which amplifies and reflects noise off walls and tables. That means one big space isn’t always ideal. You need to have small spaces where students can meet.

Christer Holger, Skapaskolan’s founder.


BAUX Products used in the Skapaskolan case

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