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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Plastique Photography

   MyBuilder work with focus

When MyBuilder redesigned their offices in Clerkenwell, London, they wanted the space to reflect their business values. As a company matching tradesmen with building projects all over the UK, their new offices had to have a high-class look and capture their modern entrepreneurial spirit.

The solution was to create modular dividers throughout their office to create soundproof workspaces and practical shelving. The modular dividers were constructed using BAUX Acoustic Tiles. The result is a well-designed acoustic workspace that’s very comfortable for employees to work in.

Object: MyBuilder
Area: London, UK
Products used: Acoustic Tiles
Architect: MyBuilder Inhouse

Improve productivity
Modern offices often have open spaces where workers can collaborate and communicate easily. But noise and bad acoustics can cause psychological stress lowering productivity and engagement.


Absorb unwanted sound
BAUX wood-wool sound absorbers stop unwanted sound reflection. Sounds that bounce off hard surfaces can become a major source of distraction in any environment.


There’s a difference between hearing and understanding. Soft muffled sounds from a neighbour might not cause a major distraction but understanding and listen in on co-workers every word will affect productivity.


BAUX Products used in the MyBuilder project

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