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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Andrew Thomas Lee

Skylar Morgan, a design studio and manufacturing company based in Georgia, Atlanta, design handmade, sustainable furnishings and architectural woodwork for homes and commercial spaces.

For their office/studio space, they designed an acoustic wall made from BAUX panels, combining colours from the BAUX colour palette with customised tones tailored to their brand vision.

Object: Skylar Morgan Furniture
Area: Georgia, US
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Design: Skylar Morgan + Design

Any colour
All BAUX products can be colour graded to your specific requirements. Make your own BAUX designs using any colour you like!


Combine Panels
Panels can be combined to create interesting structural designs. The only limit is your space or imagination!


A functional, natural material.
BAUX acoustic wood wool tiles are recyclable and environmentally friendly, made exclusively from spruce wood wool, cement and water.

We love our wall! It’s fantastic and works so well. We also receive lots of compliments on it.

Stephanie Morgan


BAUX Products used in the Skylar Morgan project

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