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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: John Valls

Nostrana is an Italian bistro located in Portland, Oregon, famous for its Neapolitan pizzas and a vast selection of fine wines. Combining traditional cuisine with a charming atmosphere, Nostrana is now an institution for hungry Portlanders.

Nostrana believes in using locally sourced ingredients, so they wanted to use environmentally friendly building materials that reflect their brand vision. Leading architect, Rick Potestio, suggested using wood wool panels to create a comfortable acoustic dining environment. BAUX wood wool panels where used as a cladding for the first floor as well as the upstairs dining section. Combined with cork stools and a giant glass wine cellar with chrome details, the wood wool panels add a subtle textural variation that fits well with the Nostrana concept.

Looking to create your own acoustic restaurant experience? Find out more about using BAUX wood wool in our FAQ or contact us or your local representative for more information.

Object: Nostrana Portland
Area: Portland, US
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Architect: Rick Potestio

Combine materials
BAUX acoustic wood wool panels create interesting textural variations when combined with other materials. Sourced from nature, they provide a story and surface like no other.


Reduce noise levels
Using acoustic wood wool panels to reduce noise in a restaurant is important and many times overlooked. Customers often rate noise levels above bad service in surveys.


Better sound quality
Instead of cranking up the volume, acoustic panels can help customers hear background music more clearly by reducing unwanted reflections.


BAUX Products used in the Nostrana Portland project

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