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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Kelly Bucksey

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), located in Perth’s central business district, deals with delicate hearings and appeals that require the highest levels of acoustic privacy. Interior designers at IA Design have created comfortable functional spaces that flow seamlessly between private and public work environments using acoustic office panels.

With lovely views over Perth’s Swan River, IA Design’s interior team wanted to create a workspace that satisfied AAT’s functional requirements without creating cold impersonal spaces. Their design – which is spread over two floors – is a combination of private & public spaces, including state-of-the-art hearing and interview rooms. BAUX wood wool acoustic office panels design brought soft textures to these spaces, allowing each room to be individually identifiable whilst meeting AAT’s stringent acoustic requirements.

Meetings in the hearing rooms are highly sensitive, very personal and emotional. The designers at IA Design wanted applicants to feel relaxed and assured throughout their hearings. As acoustic office panels made of wood wool effectively dampens sound reflections and provides excellent acoustic insulation, every hearing room has one wall treated with BAUX acoustic panels to enhance privacy. Designers combined different patterns and colour schemes to create calm colourful spaces, ideal for discussion and reflection.

Staff at AAT are very happy with the new building and proud of their new facilities. BAUX wood wool designs have helped to create a workspace that is functional and engaging.

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Object: Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Area: Perth, Australia
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Architect: IA design
Designer: Emma Olsen

Colour creates a feeling
BAUX wood wool products can be ordered in any colour combination so you can create the right feeling for your space.


Better acoustic environment
By using acoustic office panels to reduce sound reflections, discussions in public spaces become more intimate. This helps hearing or meeting rooms fell like friendly personal spaces.


Soft natural textures
Wood wool is made from spruce wood fibres, which lends nature textures to your space helping to soften meeting rooms or public spaces.

The soft textural appearance of BAUX tiles and their acoustic properties drew us to the product. We really enjoyed the opportunity to adapt colour and design to suit the size and purpose of each room.

Emma Olsen, Senior Interior Designer


BAUX Products used in the AAT project

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