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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Erik Lefvander

Hem´s new home, in the centre of Stockholm, looks out over the beautiful Vasaparken. For an interior design store, the location next to the brass-clad Sven Harrys art museum, couldn’t have been better. In the centre of the store, a five-metre dark green acoustic wall reflects the nature outside, creating a natural sound divide in an open plan space with glass and polished concrete walls.

As the space serves as Hem´s head office, and their showroom, creating a functional, attractive indoor environment was a must. The acoustic wall made of Wood wool panels form the perfect backdrop for Hem’s Scandinavian designs. The dark green reflects their brand identity and creates a calm feeling throughout the showroom.

Object: Hem Furniture Studio
Area: Stockholm, Sweden
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Designer: Svenja Diekmann

Functional wall cladding
Acoustic wall panels are an effective way of creating a stylish indoors environment. The acoustic wall at Hem’s HQ has created a multi-functional room suitable for different purposes.


Any colour
Create an acoustic wall and choose your own colours. All our acoustic products can be ordered with customised colours straight from the factory. Choose any colour you like!


Beautiful textures
BAUX wood wool tiles create interesting textural patterns that can be combined to create a natural, refined look – the perfect compliment to contemporary interior design.


BAUX Products used in the Hem Furniture Studio project

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