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Stella McCartney store

Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Joe Aker

Back in January 2013, when BAUX has just launched their first collection of BAUX acoustic tiles, Managing Director, Fredrik Franzon, received an email from luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney. Stella was in the process of renovating her flagship store in Milan and was looking for innovative sustainable materials to finish the display walls and staircase. BAUX wood wool tiles became an integral part of the Milan store design and today, BAUX and Stella McCartney are global partners, with BAUX acoustic tiles adorning the walls of Stella McCartney stores in Japan, Italy, Netherlands, France, Greece, Spain, Azerbaijan, US, UK and Australia.

“When we got the call from Stella McCartney, we’d just launched BAUX and instinctively knew it was a great match,” explains Fredrik. “Stella is passionate about beautiful sustainable design and like us, she has huge respect for nature and our planet.”

Stella McCartney’s stores are a visible commitment to her respect for nature and her passion for sustainably sourced materials. Like BAUX, Stella believes that modern design should be beautiful and sustainable. The Milan store is located in a stunning 18th-century neoclassical building with integrated Calacatta marble running through the ground floor and staircase. Large white rectangular BAUX tiles and linear brass and steel walls rails create an exquisite milieu for Stella’s signature designs.

Object: Stella McCartney
Area: Houston, USA
Products used: Acoustic Tiles
Interior designer: Grant Nahorniak

In this store what’s particularly exciting is that it’s the first time we have used BAUX, a tile made from sustainable wood wool from Sweden.

Stella McCartney

Houston fashion store stella mccartney and baux
Milano store Stella Mccartney

To partner global brands like Stella McCartney, Google, Amazon and WeWork, BAUX has built up a network of 25 sales locations worldwide. But one thing hasn’t changed: all BAUX products are made from sustainably managed forests in Sweden. “For us it’s really important that as we grow, we continue to produce materials that meet the highest sustainable standards,” explains Fredrik. “At BAUX, we want to contribute to a better planet.”

Stella McCartney was one of BAUX’s very first customers and like many since; she was attracted to the unique properties of wood wool tiles. “The creative potential was something that the store designers at Stella McCartney were very quick to see. They asked for samples of all our tiles, in many different colours before settling on the large white rectangular tile”, explains Fredrik. “What started as one store has grown into global partnership, and we’re and very proud to be a part of their vision and journey.”

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Stella McCartney shop
acoustic baux stella mccartney
BAUX and Stella McCartney coolaboration
Stella mccartney shop exterior
shop design stella mccartney
baux and fashion brand stella mccartney
BAUX stella mccartney in milan

BAUX Products used in the Stella McCartney project

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