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natural acoustic panels

Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Marianne Lind

Located near the river in Trondheim’s trendy ‘Solsiden’, Selma is a contemporary styled restaurant, serving organic pizzas baked in wood-fired ovens, with locally brewed beer. As the architects wanted to create a natural feeling within the space, they used BAUX natural acoustic panels to create an attractive environment perfect for comfortable table conversation.

An additional benefit of natural acoustic panels in wood wool is that they can regulate temperature – this helped to balance the heat generated by the ovens. The restaurant is a trendy spot to eat, meet and relax with friends and family.

Using natural acoustic panels is perfect for creating a comfortable ambience for any restaurant. The visual aspect of the uncoloured natural acoustic panels wood wool makes a design statement fit for any hospitality establishment.

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Object: Selma Pizza & Bar
Area: Trondheim, Norway
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Architect: SJ Design

Moisture regulation
BAUX acoustic products are water resistant and balance humidity – ideal for restaurants and kitchens as it helps to create a pleasant indoor climate.


Perfect ambience
No one wants to eat in a quiet restaurant, but too much noise and you have a problem. Hard surfaces such as hardwood, drywall and glass cause high levels of background noise. Acoustic panels create a quieter environment for customers and staff.


Heat accumulation
Wood wool naturally absorbs heat from the air, which helps to lowers indoor temperatures. The heat is then released when the ambient temperature drops, creating a stable indoor climate. BAUX panels and tiles are also type 1 fireproof approved.


BAUX Products used in the Selma project

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