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Photo: Olaf Becker

JetBrains Colour and Coding

JetBrains is a leading-edge software development company. Boasting nearly 1000 employees and 1.5 million customers, they are on a global mission to empower developers with professional automation software. Despite their high-tech credentials, the company was keen on showcasing their vision of creating a ”natural futuristic mood” environment combining both human and data elements to their new office.

In 2019, after several workshops together with the client, German-American interior architect Sophie Green was commissioned to redesign JetBrains’ Munich office as a visual and emotional space that attracts, energises and inspires people.

In the reception, BAUX Wood Wool panels in white provide a clean backdrop to the eye-catching interior architecture with striking geometrical shapes. Guests are greeted with a futuristic, asymmetric desk and angular overhead lighting that immediately makes an impression. The acoustic properties of the panels help to create a harmonious environment undisturbed by excess noise and distraction.

Object: JetBrains Munich
Area: Munich, Germany
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Architects: Sophie Green Interiors & Architecture
Interior architect: Sophie Green

Inside the office itself, BAUX Wood Wool panels in shades of blue and green lend the area a softer touch that compliments and contrasts with the multimedia displays and modern workspaces. The colour gave the space a touch of warmth and cosiness but also the functionality of a better sound landscape throughout the area.

The natural texture of the wood wool is creatively juxtaposed with sleek screens and spaceship-themed lights, suggesting a vision of the “natural future” specified by the client. Essential to the brief, the BAUX Acoustic Panels maintained the vision of using sustainable elements within the design. 

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Versatile design.
The wide array of colours allows the designer to easily match the product to the project. Creating a functional acoustic space with stunning attributes.


Clean lines.
The dramatic, angular design of the reception sculpture is complimented by the clean lines and sleek profile of BAUX Wood Wool panels in white.


Calming environment.
Sound-absorbing panels in calming shades of blue and green lend a peaceful and inviting touch to a forward-thinking office space.

JetBrains is all about coding, and we wanted to produce a visual expression of this tech-focused identity. The versatile nature of BAUX acoustic panels and tiles helped us create a dynamic and inviting interior, highlighting for instance the multimedia wall and the attention-grabbing reception area.

Sophie Green, interior architect.

BAUX Products used in the Jetbrains project

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