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Sj Design is a Norwegian agency specialising in the hospitality sector. In 2016 they had the opportunity to craft a vision for Fortito Bowling og bar, a new nightlife hotspot in Sarpsborg, southern Norway.

In contrast to the traditional image of a bowling bar – loud, dark, and garish – Sj Design opted for a more refined approach. To create a space that would accommodate both bowling fans and the general public, while also balancing the venue’s day-time and night-time requirements, Sj Design turned to BAUX acoustic panels. The result is a versatile and carefully-crafted space that boasts great acoustic design, and has more in common with a high-end restaurant than a back-alley bowling club.

Diagonal BAUX Wood Wool Panels provide an attractive backdrop to the bar’s shuffleboard area. Their clean lines and quiet colours draw the eye to the bar’s oversized neon sign, which in turn illuminates and gives depth to the acoustic panels. The natural texture of the wool wool compliments the polished planks of the shuffleboard tables, shaping an environment that is at once classic and comfortable.

On the ceiling, BAUX 3D Pixels sit ready to absorb errant sound, and give the space a solid, sturdy appeal. The varied thicknesses of the panels and their asymmetric layout suggest a puzzle-like design, in keeping with the venue’s bar game theme. The BAUX Pixel’s playful design lends a youthful vibe, while its advanced acoustic capabilities allows for conversation undisturbed by the clatter of bowling pins.

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Object: Fortito
Area: Sarpsborg, Norway
Products used: Acoustic Panels
Architect: SJ Design
Interior architect: Magda Grzybowska-Czana

Transformative acoustics
The enhanced acoustic capabilities of the Pixel transform a noisy bowling bar to a sophisticated and versatile venue, suitable for both nightlife and casual dining..


Richly detailed design
Natural acoustic panels frame the bar’s minimal and striking neon sign. The intense electric light accentuates the detailed natural texture of the wood wool.


Eye-catching acoustics
Ceiling-mounted acoustic Pixels 3D catch and absorb excess sound. The asymmetric design and high-capability material create a playful barrier to reduce unwanted echoes.

We used Diagonal Wood Wool Panels on the back wall because the texture and pattern in the natural finish looked great against the logo made of red neon. Black 3D Pixels were put on the ceiling, which can usually be the most boring part of many clubs. This pixel design transformed the ceiling into a feature that played an important role in the overall design for the interior.

Magda Grzybowska-Czana
, interior architect.


BAUX Products used in the Fortito case

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