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Acoustic office BAUX

Text: Matt Carey

In 2016, Vega Salmon decided to move their head office closer to their production centre in Handewitt, Flensburg. They seized the opportunity to create a modern, functional acoustic office space, with flexible working solutions for all divisions in the company. They settled on an open office solution, with BAUX Panel and Plank designs creating the best possible acoustic office environment.

Principal architect, Bettina Therese, designed the interior space to reflect Vega Salmon’s business values – colour, material selection, employee placement, decoration and furniture were all part of her vision. Vega Salmon wanted silence to be a part of their new acoustic office design – a reflection on the stillness found around the fjords that are the salmon’s natural habitat. The concept was to bring the interior closer to nature.

BAUX acoustic’s products, Panels and Plank, helped Vega Salmon to create a workspace that reflected their brand vision, combining nature, health and wellbeing using sustainable building materials. BAUX acoustics designs have helped to create a calm environment encapsulating the tranquillity of the salmon’s natural habitat.

Object: Vega Salmon
Area: Kolding, Denmark
Products used: Acoustic Panels, Plank
Designer: Bettina Therese

BAUX colour palette
Choose from any NCS colour or use our own BAUX colour scheme. Combine, create and colour any way you see fit!


Lower stress levels
Increase privacy and create an acoustic office environment by reducing sound reflections and unwanted noise. Good indoor acoustics help to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.


Sustainable production
Our acoustic products have been approved by the world’s leading third-party certifiers to ensure safe and sustainable production.

The concept resonated perfectly with BAUX’s sustainable products. We put a lot of thought into choosing just the right colours and being able to combine NCS colours was essential for this project.

Bettina Therese, Interior Designer


BAUX Products used in the Vega Salmon project

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