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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Siri Sandbeck Walther

The town of Vollen has historical ties to boats and horticulture. Frost Architects were tasked with creating an attractive modern restaurant for guests and local residents in Vollen’s beautiful marina. But the large glass windows overlooking a fjord presented designers with acoustical challenges.

BAUX acoustic tiles have created distinctive decorative features and a better acoustic environment. The BAUX acoustic designs give the restaurant a unique visual signature, which together with other furnishings feels modern. Panels with blue and black tones create a visible connection to the sea view outside.

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Object: Vitos Restaurant
Area: Oslo, Norway
Products used: Acoustic Tiles
Architect: Frost Arkitekter AS
Designer: Inger Svare Morset

Eliminate noise
Noise levels are a common complaint in restaurants. Studies have shown that high levels of background noise are equal to bad service for many customers.


Working environment
A restaurant is often a stressful and hectic environment. Good acoustics benefit both visiting patrons and restaurant staff.


Bring the outside in.
Panels in blue and black tones provide a visible connection to the sea outside.


BAUX Products used in the Vitos Restaurant Project

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