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Text: Lisa Baumgartel – Photo: Marianne Lind

Festiviteten  A 100 year old venue gets rejuvenated

Festiviteten Bar & Scene is an adored establishment that’s been serving generations of Hamar, Norway residents for the past 100 years. The popular venue debuted on Christmas day in 1919 when the silent movie Fabiola was shown, accompanied by a 15 piece cinema orchestra.

Remodeling this venue meant taking both its history and future into consideration. In charge of the task was James Richardson, from SJ Design. He immediately understood that the space stood for something special and different, and that his team needed to stay true to the original architecture and interior.

“As this was a long established cinema, the local community held warm memories of the venue. We wanted to build on that heritage while breathing new life into space. It was paramount for us to retain as many original features as possible, while also having to deal with the practicalities of integrating the robust acoustic solution.”

Establishing a functional sound environment and good acoustics was essential to this project. In any location where there’s a range of different venues, you need the ability to stop unwanted sound and echoes.

Another core decision was to honor to the heritage and design of the building. The Art Deco styled interior was something that the team at SJ Design wanted to both draw inspiration from and complement with the new design elements. The curves of the BAUX Acoustic wood wool panels, Arch and Curve, align perfectly with the concept. The original wall lights dating back to the early 1900s were even reinstalled over them.

Today, Festiviteten continues to be treasured and celebrated by Hamar residents, serving as a unique and intimate venue for experiences ranging from seminars to concerts featuring local and international artists. It’s a living hub of the community and an invaluable part of Hamar’s history—and will surely remain so for at least 100 years or more.

Object: Festiviteten
Area: Hamar, Norway
Products used: Acoustic wood wool panels
Architect firm: SJ Design
Architect: James Richardson

Functional sound environment
BAUX Wood Wool is sound regulating, creating a safer, flexible and better ambiance for any venue.


Stop noise pollution
Noise pollution impacts us physiological, psychological, cognitively and behaviorally. Stop unwanted echoes and reduce noise pollution with acoustic wood wool panels.


Endless possibilities
BAUX Acoustic Panels offer tons of possibilities and creative solutions. Mix & match with shapes and colors or try our Pattern Tool.

The style of the original interior dates back to the art deco period, and as part of this, we were fortunate enough to still have the original circular wall lights to reinstall. These large circular lights complemented the BAUX Curve & Arch patterns perfectly. So the BAUX panels rapidly became integral to our design from an early stage.

James Richardson, architect.


BAUX Products used in the Festiviteten

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