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Text: Matt Carey – Photo: Daniel Hopkinson

When innovative design bureau Jasper Sanders and Partners were commissioned to design a stunning build-to-rent apartment complex in the honey-coloured city of Bath, England, one part of the design was particularly challenging – a gym for residents to relax and work out. The only suitable space was located in a discrete corner of an echoey basement car park, and the designers realised that. If they were going to get people down there, they needed to create a space that was engaging and compelling. The idea – to use colourful acoustic wood wool tiles as a part of the concept.

With the key demographic of Frederick House being young professionals, this shared amenity space creates a sense of community and provides a focal point for social events. A gym in an underground car park might not sound very inviting. However, as soon as you walk in and see the pink, black and grey BAUX acoustic wood wool tiles, glass doors and pink fluorescent lighting, it immediately feels like a space where everyone is welcome. The hard surface concrete garage transforms into a warm sound environment and brings a natural element to fitness suite.

Given the underground location, the design team wanted female residents to feel exceptionally safe and welcome. Throughout the space, there are glass doors and small windows, which increase visibility and offer small glimpses of the BAUX acoustic wood wool design, which acts as a focal point along the back wall anchoring the space.

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Object: Fredrick House Gym
Area: Bath, UK
Products used: Acoustic Tiles
Architect: Jasper Sanders + Partners
Design director: Jasper Sanders
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Why are acoustics so important?
A well-designed acoustic environment can improve productivity and have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. This impacts physiological,
psychological, cognitively and behaviorally.

We chose pink because it’s playful, brings energy and feels fresh. The colours and texture of the BAUX wood wool tiles are really important because they reflect sound and light, transforming a concrete underground space into something comfortable and welcoming.

Jasper Sanders, architect.

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BAUX Products used in the Fredrick House Gym

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