The Book of Acoustics

Chapter 3.0 Types of acoustic treatment

3.1 The art of shaping the acoustic environment

The goal of acoustic solutions is to correct or enhance the acoustics of a space in order to support its intended function and goals. There are two categories of acoustic solutions: Soundproofing and treatment. Soundproofing aims to prevent sound from traveling outside or arriving into the space, i.e. sound isolation. To achieve soundproofing you need mass; this is the only way to fully isolate sound from bleeding through walls. By contrast, an acoustic treatment seeks to improve or optimise the sound. Interior acoustic solutions range from simple to complex, depending on the application and project budget. Acoustic treatment is about changing the sound inside the room for clarity; transforming the dynamics of how sound waves move within a space. Most acoustic treatments absorb sound waves which improves the sound within a space, giving the listener a better sonic experience. Acoustic treatment’s primary focus is to reduce naturally occurring reverberation that occurs in a room, standing waves and other issues.

”An acoustic treatment is like the essential dressing that a naked, acoustically incomplete space needs to wear in order to function.”
— Dr Luis Gomez-Agustina


The Book of Acoustics

This is a handbook for architects and interior designers who want to create acoustically beautiful spaces that make people feel happier, healthier and more productive.