The Book of Acoustics

7.0 How to design with acoustics

7.1 Form vs. Function

Does achieving the ideal acoustic environment have to mean sacrificing form for function? This is a common concern among designers and architects new to acoustic design. However, the palette of choices is far more diverse than a collection of foam panels in three different colours.

There’s a variety of materials, colours, shapes and textures available to choose from on the market today, and the options are expanding every day. Once you understand the fundamentals of sound control and learn about the tools and options available, you will gain more confidence and creative freedom to achieve the acoustic performance goals of a space without sacrificing your aesthetic vision.

”The ideal acoustic environment does no harm, provides for clear communication and — as kinda the icing on the cake—it takes what is and makes it a little bit more beautiful. It has an aesthetic component to it.”
– Andrew Carballeira


The Book of Acoustics

This is a handbook for architects and interior designers who want to create acoustically beautiful spaces that make people feel happier, healthier and more productive.